Grow Your Beer Coaster Into a Tree!!!!!!


What a Great Idea

Here at TLC we have recently come across one of the coolest marketing intiatives ever done by a company.  I have never truly been a big fan of Canadian beer but something that New Molson Canadian Beer is doing might change that.  The scientists up there have come up with something pretty incredible; beer coasters that you can plant into trees.  With each purchase of specially marked New Molson Beer can packs, New Molson is giving away a set of plantable beer coasters.  With a little bit of TLC, ie proper planting and water, these beer coasters will grow into Black Spruce Trees.  It is estimated in 2012 that this program was responsible for planting close to 1 million new trees.  Some companies do environmental promotions but no one has ever done anything like this to help preserve the environment.  The initiative is part of New Molson Canada’s “Red Leaf Project.”



 Red Leaf Project

New Molson Canada’s Red Leaf Project is an environmental initiative like no other.  Consumers volunteer for community service related projects in their surrounding area and then New Molson hooks the participants up with free concert tickets to the wildest music festivals Canada has to offer for their efforts.  So far New Molson has planted 112,000 trees, removed 2200 bags of litter, and removed 6700 bags of invasive species throughout Canadian provinces.  Locations where the project has taken place are Renfrew Ravine, Miller Creek Ravine Park, Wascana Trail and Queens Park just to name a few.  One of the main stipulations is that you have to be of legal drinking age in Canada (19!!!!!) in order to participate.  Participation has been extremely high in the Red Leaf Program and shows how much Canada’s population cares about their homeland.


It is always great to see a business contribute back to their community but it is also nice when you can enjoy the process.  For a Christmas gift for our clients, TLC donated 1000 trees to be planted through the Nature Conservancy on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil as our environmental effort.    New Molson Canadian Beer has done a great job with their campaign and is leading the charge when it comes to environmental marketing programs.  Hopefully a company in the United States will come up with something like New Molson so we all can participate.   Thanks New Molson for helping out the all of us!!!!!!!!

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