Winter Car Tips


My favorite time of year is winter, but there is one thing that winter brings that makes me dream of summer.  That one thing is driving your car in the winter.  If there was another way to get around in the winter without driving your car, I would be in.  Most folks in our area have the advantage of using the bus system, but without that option, driving your car in the winter is one of the only ways to get around.  Here are some winter car tips that we think will help make driving around in your car a little more enjoyable.

Wipers for Winter

Visibility is one of the most important parts of driving in the winter.  Ice and snow can build up on the windshield and seriously impede vision, but with winter blades, your visibility problems will be significantly reduced.  Try and choose an option that does not have any type of external spring that can potentially freeze up.

Keep Your Gas Tank Half Full

During the winter time fuel lines are more susceptible to freezing.  With your gas tank half full, your fuel lines are less likely to freeze.  If the gas tank is low, condensation can build up inside the tank and get into the fuel.

Keep a Survival Kit

One of the easiest things to do in order to be prepared for a winter car emergency is to keep a small survival kit in the car.  I grew up with scouting and one of the best mottos I learned there was to be prepared.  The kit should be prepared for about two people to survive for 48 hrs.  Food, water, a whistle, gloves and a change of warm clothes should defiantly be included along with fire starting materials and some sort of cutting device.  Throw it under a seat to keep it out of the way of your passengers and now you’re prepared for the worst.  Flashlights also go a long way when your stuck in the dark.

emergency kitClean Off Headlights and Taillights

I usually forget this easy step but cleaning off your headlights and taillights will ensure that you will be able to see and be seen better.  Ice can build up in these areas and will make it harder to see and have other vehicles see you.  Another great idea is to brush off your license plate so that law enforcement can see it.

Examine Tires

Tires are an extremely important part of winter driving.  Make sure to take a look at your tire tread and ware patterns before the first snow.  All terrain tires are a good option, but if you are driving in snow for a majority of the winter, think about giving winter tires a try.  You will notice the difference!!!!


Traveling in the winter can be problematic.  Always let someone know when you are leaving and when you should be arriving in.  Keep a cell phone with you in case of emergencies.  Plan on leaving with a full tank and fill up all the way whenever you stop.  Also, try and plan your drives for the daytime in order to reduce risk.

Drive Safe!!!!!

Hopefully these winter car tips help make driving during the wintertime more enjoyable for you.  Keep in mind that TLC offers a full service snow removal team, so if you need any help removing snow throughout this winter season, give us a call!!!!!!

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